War & Peace

Jangh o Sol (War & Peace) is a fantasy music video acting in an indefinite country and showing an army officer and his soldiers leaving for war. Whereas suddenly there comes a message that the war is over – now and forever. A dream – that all of us – are living for.

Director Mojtaba Yari
personal data
Name…………………..Mojtaba Yari
Date of birth……………05/06/1968
Place of birth…………………Tehran
Married, 1 child
Nationality…….Iranian & German

School education
1975-1986 Elementary School – High School

1986-1988 military duty

1988-1992 Study: Journalism/Literature; diploma, University Tehran
1998-2001 apprenticeship of “Media Designer for Film, Video and Audio”
by Media Project Academy, Germany

first professional work as journalist in div. Newspapers,
1990-1995 text editor at “ART Publisher”
1993 Publications: a novel and several short stories
2001 6-months traineeship at “Film E-Learning GmbH” in conjunction with media designer

professional experience
2001-2008 director, cinematographer and cutter, Production Manager at “Film E-Learning
GmbH “, field of activity: production of fiction, training videos, E-Learning program
2004-2005 freelancer journalist by DW, Germany
2008-2010 freelancer, creating of div. videos
Production of div. Learning content and training films as director and script writer
since 2010 production of div. music videos as director, production designer, assistant director, script writer and editor

4 Responses to “War & Peace”

  1. Nazar says:

    Very short but really cool film. I like films with unpredictable ending. Unfortunately we will never see such situations in real life, because our world will be covered with war forever

  2. Alexsandra says:

    This film about how the military sent to war and war that no longer exists. I think you’ll like. Look at your leisure.

  3. Alexsandra says:

    This film is about how the family is reluctant and hard to send their men to war without knowing what will happen to them. And then, when you send soldiers to war, he announced the cease-fire, i.e. the war ended. See and I think you will like it.

  4. Nikolas says:

    A touching story with a happy ending. Nicely done.

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