Twin Stars

Can and Cihan are identical twins. They live in Büyükada-Prince Island with their family. First we see their period when they are 10-years old. Can is more emotional and feverish, while Cihan is more even-tempered and dominant. At night, their family send them to get some quell water from a quell a bit further away from their house. Leaving their plastic cans by the quell, they start counting the stars in the grass area behind the quell and they choose 2 of the brightest stars of all and imagine them as their own universes. They give the names Castor and Pollux to these two stars just like in the story their granny used to tell. Castor is Cihan’s, and Pollux Can’s. On another night, the weather is very cloudy. They fail to find Pollux, which is one of the brightest stars. The same night, Can’s plastic can has been stolen by the quell, and Can is very disappointed. Cihan hugs his brother.
33 years have passed by. After their parents getting divorced, Can has been given to their father, and Cihan to their mother. Due to their nervous mother forbidding them to see each other, the brothers haven’t been able to come together for many years. Cihan lives abroad. Can is living in Istanbul with his dad. Having heard about the death of his father, Cihan returns back to his dad’s house after years. More than being concerned about his father’s death, he is enthusiastic about meeting his brother after such a long time. The come-together is filled with emotions. In the morning While Cihan walking on a crowded street a man in his thirties is walking towards him. Drawing Cihan towards the side of the street, the young man whispers something about their lovemaking. The man thinks that Cihan is in fact Can. Cihan is in shock but doesn’t reveal the fact that he is in fact Can’s twin. After that moment, he starts an introspective questioning. Can is gay and Cihan otherizes him. Cihan behaves in a very distanced way towards Can. Can doesn’t know what this is supposed to mean. Two brothers sit in the garden. Cihan is quiet. Can assumes it’s due to the psychological effect of the funeral. Cihan only tells his brother that the pattern on the couch they are sitting on is very ugly and that it would have been nicer if it was a straight fabric instead. Becoming puzzled, Can doesn’t even respond.
The next day Cihan goes out. He goes nearby his childhood’s quell. The quell doesn’t work anymore. It is getting quite dark. Cihan walks around the Old Greek Orphanage and becomes sad. While returning home he sees lost blue can of childhood in a junkman’s handbarrow. Cihan is at home at night. He sits on the sofa with the tartan pattern. He starts watching the sky. While Can is serving the coffee, Cihan tells him to sit next to him. He shows Castor with the tip of his finger. He asks his brother to find the other one. After checking for a while, Can finds Pollux. He rejoices just like a child. Can cannot make sense of his brother’s warm attitude just as he wasn’t able to make sense of his brother’s hostile attitude the day before. He lives an outburst of emotions. Leaning towards his brother Cihan whispers these words: You know what, actually this tarten pattern on this couch is in fact not that bad at all…

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Director: Mehmet Tığlı
Director Biography

Mehmet Tığlı was born in İstanbul in 1970. He graduated from Marmara University in 1991. He is screenwriter and short-film director. He completed cinema courses at İFSAK in 1992. He won best screenplay awards of Orhon Murat Arıburnu National Art Awards in 1992 and 1993. He was assigned as a jury member at many short-film festivals. He is Culture and Art Editor of BrandMap Business Magazine. Mehmet Tığlı is also Marketing and Communication lecturer in the Department of Business at the Marmara University where he has been a faculty member since 1993. His first short film ‘Twin Stars-İkiz Yıldızlar’ was shot in June, 2016.

Director Statement

When we look up into the sky, we all ascribe different meanings to the stars depending on different perspectives that we hold. For one of us, a star may mean a house in the distance, for another it may signify unapproachability, or loneliness, or romantism. In this short film, no matter how far apart they may fall from each other, stars represent the feeling of brotherhood. The twin stars, after which the horoscope Gemini is named, are called by Zeus’ sons names Castor and Pollux, and are as bright as one another. These twin stars are represented as Can and Cihan in our story. This film is in fact a tale of brotherhood, prejudice and tolerance. It is at the same time a text of apology to all those beings that we otherize because they are not like ourselves. The twins that had to be seperated from one another due to a fairly tragic act of violence their mother had gone through, get together after many years, settle accounts with each other and find out that they cannot actually stay apart from each another unlike what has been previously thought. The story of the film is based on this metaphor. In the film, whole of which has been shot in Büyükada, the legendary Büyükada Old Greek Orphanage presents itself as a structure symbolizing the twin brothers’ situation of being orphan, even though they have never stayed there.

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