The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters

Introduction to the Episode of “Wood” (木 “mù”)

“The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters” is an animation aiming to introducing Chinese culture by means of Chinese characters.

This episode is to explain the fact that in Chinese culture, people and things that don’t have a striking appearance, such as “wood,” are usually appreciated too, as they may have strong inner strength.

Take the idiom呆若木雞 “dāi ruò mù jī” (dumb as a wooden chicken), and the characters of 呆 “dāi” (stupid) and休 “xiū” (rest) for instance. All of these characters contain the wisdom and beauty of Chinese culture. When children enjoy the stories in this episode, they can learn some Chinese culture.

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Director Biography

Graduated from Ming Chuang Business College, Ms. Lin, Shan-Pen has engaged in the production of animation programs since 2001. In pursuit of preserving and reviving traditional Chinese culture, she started producing “The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters” since 2004. The program was broadcast on the New Tang Dynasty Television and won the Golden Bell Award of Best Animation Program for Youth in 2008.

Director Statement

“The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters” represents the output of our sincere endeavors infused with our passion in illustrating the finest connotation of Chinese characters. Our vision is to introduce the most exquisite part of the Chinese culture to the entire world. We sincerely hope that everyone who views the program would become interested in Chinese characters and inspired to further explore the wonders hidden behind the words.

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