The Pillars of Heaven

A young and disillusioned British diplomat abandons his diplomatic career, spends his own money, and risks his very life on a journey of faith and war in Ukraine. With the Ukrainian people as his guide, his journey takes him from the idyllic Carpathian Mountains, to the golden cupolas in Kiev to the very heart of the hellish War-zone in Donetsk. He embarks on an odyssey from Christmas Eve to the Epiphany, searching for the soul of this troubled nation and for something which might help to bring a lasting end to the bloodshed and prevent a wider military confrontation between Russia and the West. A profound, relevant and spiritual exploration accompanied by beautiful music.

Director: Nicholas Rooney

Director Biography

Nick Rooney is a young(ish) Brit who comes from a mainly academic background, having studied Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Diplomacy and International Relations in the UK, Europe and Russia. He worked briefly as a diplomat for the EU at its delegation to the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna during the height of the Ukraine crisis and was deeply affected by this crisis. He then received training at the National Film and Television School and the London Film School and made two short student films under the supervision of Udayan Prasad. ‘The Pillars of Heaven’ is his first documentary feature film, made entirely out of passion for the subject and a sincere desire to find peace for the Ukrainians and improve the relations and mutual understanding between the West and Russia.

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  1. Ariadna says:

    Sounds like a fascinating film – would love to see it. Will it play in Canada ? How can I get it here to an audience ?

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