The Hot Tub

The Hot Tub is a short documentary which explores the unique cultural experience of frequenting the hot tubs in the local swimming pools in Iceland. The documentary uses animation and music to enhance the classic documentary fly-on-the-wall approach.

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Director: Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir
Director Biography

Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir is the creator and director of The Hot Tub. Harpa is a documentary film maker, a composer and an artist. She has produced and directed various film with unique style of new documentary film making. She is a member of the music experimental group Grúska Babúska, which focuses on new musical genres as well as theatrical effects. She is also a member of Vinnslan artist collective, that create and curate interdisciplinary art, theatre and video productions, with a site specific mixed media approach.
Harpa also holds various positions within the Icelandic art scene; she is the founder of FRAFL – a production platform for visual artists, RÚV-Örvarpið – a micro film platform and festival for emerging film makers, and the legal consultant for Myndstef – the Icelandic copyright association for artists. She holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Iceland, a diploma in Entrepreneurship studies from the Reykjavík University and a certificate in SummerDocs creative documentary film making from the NFTS.

Director Statement

Harpa spent 6 months researching and filming the Hot Tub, where she first spent months getting to know the hot ‘tubbers’, their customs and habits and different personalities. After a few weeks, Harpa was taken into the group – a group that has cherished friendship and fellowship for more then 30 years. The hot tubber became very dear to her, and Harpa was voted the newcomer of the year during their annual Christmas party. She now continues going to the hot tub – it will continue to be a part of her life. In the film she tries to capture the very special atmosphere that this circle of a hot tub has preserved.

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    Good film. I recommend to view.

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