Sara is a sprightly little girl. She likes to do crafts a lot.
Her best friend is Porter, the staffed toy of a strange animal.
Sara thinks up a good idea of giving her dad and mom a handcrafted gift on their anniversary. She makes dolls of whole family out of clay. She decides to bring the gift to her parents in the living room.
As she steps out into the hallway, she is shocked by the big voice from her parents. Dad and Mom are fighting! In this special day!
Sara feels sad so much, but after a short time, she comes up with an idea. “If Dad and Mom see my beautiful gift, they will make up.” “I have to give this gift.”
At that moment, Sara feels a warm light on her cheek. As if in answer to her strong wish, the space around her becomes full of light. She finds herself in the mysterious imaginary world.
Now the adventure of Sara delivering the gift to her dear parents is about to begin.

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Director Biography

Kajisa is one of the core members who built up MARZA ANIMATION PLANET INC., the spin-off of SEGA CORPORATION. As an expertise of lighting and composite, he has been working as the director and CG director of game cinematics for many years. Recently he has been mainly involved with project using real-time engine. Representative works: “HAPPY FOREST -Real Time Engine Tech Demo-“, opening cinematics of “Sonic Lost World”, opening cinematics of “Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games”、etc.

Director Statement

“THE GIFT” was a rare test project with an objective to “realize a new system for high-quality movie creation using game engine”.
There were largely four processes involved in our production workflow:
“Development: Creating the story base”
“Engineering: Developing basic expressions and integration into the game engine visual pipeline” “Pre-production: Applying the idea, design and layout into a system best-suited for 3D expression”
“Production: Actual visual production of the idea, design and layout”
As the director for this production, my main role was to “grasp the characteristics of game engine and make sure the above four processes were properly balanced and functioning at the appropriate timings in production” and to “help the team visualize the final output”. What I specifically did was to “select the production method and 3D expressions best-suited for Unity”, “have our team of experts develop the tools and pipeline needed for the production and 3D expressions” and finally to design a workflow to “use the tools and pipeline to create the best visual output within the given deadline”.
The above processes within our workflow were all moving forward simultaneously within the limited five month production period. I’m sure it was a very hectic schedule for the staff, given the fact there were many aspects in production they experienced for the first time. However, despite all the challenges, we were able to send out this new short-film filled with “MARZA’s originality and new visual creation potential”. Last but not least, although we focused on the integrating of new technology aspects, we also placed high importance in creating a story that children would enjoy. I hope you have fun watching it with your children and families.

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