The Egg

All that Noa wants is to become a mother. But when her husband leaves on a business trip, she has a miscarriage.
Too afraid to tell her husband the bad news, Noa resorts to desperate measures to have a baby. Even if it means to do so by unnatural ways.

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Director: Nadav Direktor
Director Biography

26 years old.
Born and currently residing in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Nadav started to study cinema in high school, and since have been making short independent films, music videos and working as a video editor in television and other private projects.
Nadav is now finishing a bachelors degree at the Film and Television department, Tel-Aviv University.

Instead of the mandatory military service at the Israel Defence Force, Nadav volunteered for one year of national service. During which, he lived in the south of Israel and taught cinema in villages and towns surrounding the Gaza strip.

Nadav also plays piano and creates electronic music.

Director Statement

There is something very scary about making movies.
You come up with an idea, a fantasy of something you imagine. But from the moment this idea leaves your head and starts to take form, it changes and transforms into something different than what you have imagined. Suddenly, it is not a fantasy anymore, but something concrete; it is no longer only in your head, but rather something that comes to life, captured by the camera with real people. You feel that you lose control of your fantasy and that it’s not your own anymore.
There is something scary and tragic about this process, but it is inevitable of course.
And for me this is my biggest challenge when making films – to let go, to lose control, to find things I didn’t expect to find before, and to see my film come alive on its own.
I think this fear is what my film, “The Egg”, is about. It is about desiring something so badly, you lose touch with reality; it is about what happens when our fantasies meet reality. And it is about letting go.

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