The Curse of the Were-Rat

In the city shred by terror, a mysterious shape-shifting man, strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens. A wild, innocent cat nearly falls victim to the strange monster, however he discovers his great secret.

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Director: Jan Julian Rospond
Director Biography

Jan Julian Rospond was born on 1st November 1994 in Cracow, Poland. At the age of 15 he moved to United Kingdom. He lived in Northampton where he studied Art&Design course for two years. Despite having shown interest in various disciplines, his greatest passion was film making. He moved to Birmingham to join Film&Animation course at Birmingham City University. After completing the course he was awarded Bachelor of Arts and Honours with First Class. Since graduating his film ”The Curse of the were-Rat” has won the Royal Television Society Student Award.

Director Statement

I am delighted to present to you easily, one of the most ambitious undergraduate animated films in Midlands, England. Prepare to be stunned by the scale of the project as well as remarkable attention to detail, and left wandering how could a single person pull this off? Above all, it is an enchanting story which kids and adults alike will surely enjoy.

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Jan Julian Rospond

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