The Canvas

Art requires concentration, most of the times solitude. This condition is essential to the Sardinian painter Salvatore Garau, as long as he decides to question himself taking a white big canvas (2mx5m) into the top-security prison of Massama-Oristano. He does not mean to teach prisoners how to paint, but to share creative energy with whom is not used to freedom at all. Before the
canvas prisoners may unleash their imagination and induce wonder. The documentary “La tela” follows this challenge, the astonishing discoveries, the inception and the development of a project which shows the power of arts and words. Painting can color bare and dull places like jail.

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Director: Salvatore Garau
Director Biography

Salvatore Garau is a prominent artist who joined twice “La Biennale di Venezia” as a painter. “La tela” is his debut film.

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  1. Sierra says:

    The film impressed me, really good movie.

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