The Bench – Your Every Thought is Mine

Green Valley Films produced THE BENCH (Winner-Best Screen Play of a Foreign Language Film at the International Filmmaker Festival Of World Cinema London) under a unique set of circumstances. Filmed in Poland we worked with a number of young people from Legnica to create this very touching movie. Filmed in Polish with English subtitles, The Bench highlights the troubles that can haunt the underprivileged with a modern twist on the supernatural.

What is special about this film? It was shot in under 14 days with a extremely low budget. It was made with an unknown cast with no prier experience and it was the firsts time production for the crew.

Living rough on the Polish streets, two young boys struggle to feed and look after themselves each day. But their lives were to suddenly change forever in a way they never could have imagined. Following an accident one of the boys develops a supernatural power, which attracts attention of the worst kind. His life hangs in the balance as his future is torn between the forces of good and evil.

Our production was a joint venture between Wales and Poland.

Director: Kevin Phillips
Director Biography

Lives in Tredegar, Wales

Director Statement

Shot in under a month by a group of filmmakers in which THE BENCH is their first independent movie. Made with a inexperienced cast who never acted before, a crew who’s main body of work was documentary film making, the project can be seen is a fine example of what can be accomplished when dedicated people come together to work on something they truly believe in.

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  1. Jada says:

    Great movie.

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