Spoon Dog

For the very few:
“Spoon Dog” A Surrealistic, emotionally raw, nightmare. Intense surrealistic drama in the style of Lynch, Kafka, Luis Buñuel and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Not for the faint of heart. Written and Directed by Christopher Dinnan.

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Director: Christopher Dinnan
Director Biography

-Dead Game 16mm B&W Short
-Chapter Eleven 16mm Color. Short
-Zeitgeist 16m m Color Feature
-Frontier Style HD color Short
-Semper Fidelis HD Color Short
-Spoon Dog 4K color short

Director Statement

I have been writing and directing since 1996. From 2002-2012 I took a break from creative filmmaking in order to concentrate on corporate clients and raise a family. Happy to report that I am back with a ‘cinematic vengeance’ and looking forward to bringing some great stories from WAY outside the Hollywood system.

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