Śledztwo the Inquest

It is a short story about a Private Detective who comes to Town to solve the mysterious case of missing Townspeople. On his way he meets strangers. Will he face the danger and discover the truth?

C’est une petite histoire d’un Détective Privé, qui est arrivé à la Ville pour résoudre le secret d’une série des disparitions mystérieuses de ses habitants.

Prywatny Detektyw przyjeżdża do Miasta, by rozwiązać mroczną tajemnicę seryjnych zaginięć jego Mieszkańców. Po drodze spotyka dziwnych nieznajomych. Czy uda mu się zmierzyć z niebezpieczeństwem i dotrzeć do prawdy?

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Director: Ena Kielska
Director Biography

Born on the 3rd of February in Poland. Graduated from the Silesian University in Katowice: English Filology, American and British Culture and Literature Department in 2004; The WST College in Katowice: Media, Acting and Directing Department in 2016. Published two poetry books (“Witam państwa w mojej audycji gotyk i seks” 2008 and “Weź napisz o mnie wiersz” 2011) and a narrative story (“Pamiętnik Wendy” 2012). Directed a monodrama “Pamiętnik Wendy” (“Wendy’s Diary”) at the T.Rawa theatre in Katowice, 2015. Directed and edited short films and video arts: “Moje Miasto, the Town of Mine” 2014, “Cityzens” 2014, “(NEVER) ENDING POLAND” 2014, “Home” 2015, “Engineering of Comforting” 2015 and “Śledztwo the Inquest” 2016, “Prawo Si / The Law of Si” 2016, “Psie Pole / Dog Field” 2016.

Director Statement

There are pieces of life sticking at all sides out of the conventional meanings but we do not want to see. What really matters is the statistics.
Stanisław Lem, “The Investigation”

I was brought up in the time of communist censorship in the Eastern Europe when the act of consuming art (films, music, forbidden books) was a highly rebellious act alone. I remember meetings in the underground where my parents and their friends listened to rock music, watched black and white films and discussed issues I didn’t understand. Then, when I was about six years old, I went to the old town cinema for the first time in my life and I will never forget it.

Poland has been known for being the country full of absurdities and grotesque. And there is some truth in it as due to the historical events there are situations difficult to explain, even though one may try hard to seek for understanding. Inspired by the Polish writer Stanisław Lem’s short surrealistic fiction “The Investigation” (1959) in my film I decided to tell the story about a Private Detective who is looking for gone people as they disappear in unexplained circumstances. He is searching the town for answers, but all he gets are clues leading to nowhere. There are only bits of life sticking out of conventional meanings and the mere statistics.

For the cinematographic technique me and my cinematographer, Anna66 Andrzejewska, decided to use the stop motion pixilation art. We consider it a very intriguing technique since the final “twitched” effect looks like if it was shot on a very old film reel taking us back to the origins of cinema. We also believe this is the most legitimate mode of the cinematographic language to talk about such serious matters in a grotesque and comedy manner. If it was shot in a traditional fashion 24 or 25 frames per second, it wouldn’t be so attractive. By the way, the editing process took up to 100 thousand single stills of the jpg format on the software timeline. One could metaphorically say it is almost like an analogue technique of editing with the use of digital means. Only the sound effects were to be totally recreated and mixed in the postproduction process by the sound artist Ian Giedrojć. Music was composed by the composer Szymon Szewczyk.

All the scenography was real and natural I did not interfere with too much as I wanted to show what my home really looks like. The diegetic streets and interiors are there in my town: the bar, railway station, the office and my friends’ flat. And all the actors I engaged are my friends who haven’t emigrated yet. They are people of art: novelists, poets, painters, singers, theatre actors.

The whole process of production took about 18 months. Since “Śledztwo The Inquest” is my graduation film project I spent over 3 semesters working on it, consulting it all along with professors (film school teachers, scriptwriters, editors, animators, directors and lawyers). The artistic supervisor for this project was prof. Marcin Giżycki, art and film historian, writer and director of animated films, lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (USA).

However, the production of the project was covered by my private money, neither the school nor any other institution contributed.

“Śledztwo The Inquest” is a film I made because I wanted to tell the story of my home and pay tribute to my gone friends. And finally, last but not least, inspired by the history of the World and Polish Cinema and also by the recurrent New Wave Dogma Revolution I wanted to pay tribute to the films I love.

Ena Kielska

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  1. Anna Gamrot says:

    Very beauty, original and smart picture

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    Excellent movie!

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    It is my favorite,stop motion pixilation art <3

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