A painter living in Hollywood is sent to hell by his own sister.

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Director: Vincent de Ghoulie
Director Biography

Vincent de Ghoulie was born in Evanston, IL (January, 1988). After attending numerous public schools, studying under the wing of the Hallmark channel, soap operas, and Lifetime movies, he made his way into a private high school for the arts in Chicago where he studied film. After graduating this academy, he moved to San Francisco where he studied under the wing of George Kuchar. After many misadventures which he will be quick to boast about, Ghoulie re-located from the Bay to Los Angeles where he is now an avid long distance runner, painter, screenwriter, and independent filmmaker operating Studio Ghoulie.

Director Statement

At times I can be a man of few words. At other times, I am a young gentleman of many manic words. At other times, I’m a foul-mouthed, manic young man of filthy honesty. A despicable ego-maniac who shatters the mirror every time I glance at myself, just moments before my 15 year old assistant forces me away from it. The work I make generally comes from a deep-rooted passion and rage.


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