Silent Symphony

Wroclaw in Poland city of changing borders, is now, like all cities, the scene of noise and melodies that deaf people are unaware of. However, the movements they make with their hands, chests and faces are merged each day with these urban rhythms that we are privileged to witness. Throughout a day, we are witness to an extraordinary silent symphony made up of visual rhymes, conversations, everyday moments, childhood emotions and pleasures that normally go unnoticed, but here they are rediscovered in the most comfortable of silences. It is a symphonic portrait of a resoundingly familiar city.

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Director: Aitor Gametxo Zabala 
Director Biography

Aitor Gametxo Zabala (Lekeitio, Bizkaia, 1989) is an audiovisual technician and filmmaker. He studied audiovisual communication in Bilbao and Barcelona. In 2011, he did a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and since then he has made works of non-fiction, either alone or in group. After making the short films LA CIUTAT TIPOGRÀFICA (with Igone Arreitunandia), IRUDI MINTZATUEN HIZTEGI POETIKOA (with Las Chicas de Pasaik), BERE BIZITZETAKO BAT (One of his Lives) and SOINU GALDUEN BILA (In Search of Lost Sounds), in 2014 he won the X-Films Project award, organised by the Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival. Through this award, in 2015 he made the feature-length documentary EL OTRO MAPA DE ABAUNTZ (The Other Map of Abauntz). In the same year, he was invited to take part in #Zinergentziak’15, a project organised between Territorios y Fronteras and Zinebi, to make the collective documentary DISTANTZIAK (Distances), together with Cristina Ezquerra, Maddi Barber and Jesus M. Palacios. At the same time, he worked as an audiovisual technician at Tabakalera and the CCCB. Currently he works as an editor at the University of Barcelona in two projects focused on the deaf community, and as a coordinator of Pantaila Esperimentala, a project about experimental cinema in UBIK-Tabakalera.

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