Rut explores what is created between an emotional state and a physical space. The charcoal is temperamental and delicate to work with, and at the same time has the strength to leave behind its initial mark. This mimics my interpretation of the emotional marks that influence and bend our perspective of reality.

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Director: Elizabeth Davis
Director Biography

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Elizabeth Davis grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a senior majoring in Animation and Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute. She creates hand drawn works on paper, and is interested in the suspension of time looped animations create. Davis has had one of her shorts, The Fisherman, featured on Tin House Reels blog and her collaboration project, JASS, was featured during the month of March by Kansas City Power and Light Company.

Director Statement

The inspiration of this film came from moments of intense reflection that I’ve been experiencing throughout my undergraduate studies. During this time, I feel that time and space become separate elements. The tangibility of paper and charcoal adds to the physicality of the animation, while the film itself lives in a temporal space, just as I enter a separate space while getting lost in my own thoughts.


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