In 2013, Ann Michel receives a call from a friend, a Danish journalist, who wants to record a radio documentary on her family history; for Michel the inquiry marks the beginning of a journey of discovery that leads her all the way to Upper Silesia now a province of Poland. Previously she had been completely unaware that her German roots were actually German-Jewish, a fact her grandmother had kept secret for years. Camera in hand she heads to Eastern Europe to retrace the paths trod by her ancestors, including a now dilapidated princely manor that once belonged to her great-grandparents.
Michel tells the story of her family and what was a multicultural region before the war. She explores the world torn apart by war and communism and invites Cornell students of Architecture to go there to help her re-imagine a future for the ruined estate; to restore and honor the memory of her forgotten family history.

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Director: Ann Michel
Director Biography

Ann Michel (director, researcher, writer, editor) was born in 1957 in the United Kingdom. She grew up in Europe and New York City. She studied mathematics at Cornell University. She is the founder of Insights International Inc., a production firm specializing in science and educational on-line, TV and theatrical events. She has also served as President of The Robert Flaherty Film Seminars.


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