Psie Pole / Dog Field

A man runs through the city and falls round the corner.
Inspired by a true story.

Mężczyzna biegnie przez miasto i upada na zakręcie.
Film oparty na wydarzeniach prawdziwych.

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Director: Agnieszka Wosz
Director Biography

Born on the 3rd of February in Poland. Graduated from the Silesian University in Katowice: English Filology, American and British Culture and Literature Department in 2004; The WST College in Katowice: Media, Acting and Directing Department in 2016. Published two poetry books (“Witam państwa w mojej audycji gotyk i seks” 2008 and “Weź napisz o mnie wiersz” 2011) and a narrative story (“Pamiętnik Wendy” 2012). Directed a monodrama “Pamiętnik Wendy” (“Wendy’s Diary”) at the T.Rawa theatre in Katowice, 2015. Directed and edited short films: “Moje Miasto, the Town of Mine” 2014, “Cityzens” 2014, “(NEVER) ENDING POLAND” 2014, “Home” 2015, “Engineering of Comforting” 2015 and “Śledztwo the Inquest” 2016, “Prawo Si / The Law of Si” 2016, “Psie Pole / Dog Field” 2016.

Director Statement

the film was shot for the 48 hfp festival
genre: sports film
prop: mobile phone
character: Michał or Michalina Bielecki/a, a nurse
line: He/She/It is as strong as Turkish coffee.

film zrealizowany w ramach festiwalu 48 hfp Wrocław 2016
gatunek: film sportowy
rekwizyt: telefon komórkowy
bohater: Michał lub Michalina Bielecki/a, pielęgniarz/pielęgniarka
kwestia: Jest mocny/a jak kawa turecka.

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