Gizem is a desperate woman who tries to hold the life because she cannot have a baby. Therefore, her husband Muammer becomes estranged to her day by day. One day, Gizem’s girlfriend who sings at the pubs, asks her to take a stage for one night in her place. Gizem reluctantly does accept her request however, Gizem’s life gradually ruins and turns upside down after having made this decision.

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Director: hakan ünal

Director Statement

The film focuses on the estrangement of a married-couple in a society through the existential crisis of a woman. This woman who cannot have a baby causes her husband go away in distance. Through their discussions at home, we as viewers come to understand more fully the reason of their disconnection. This man, as husband start to turn to be such an animal which wander around the street and search for a hunt in the night. When he attempt to rape a black dressed woman who is in fact his wife, he turns upside down and smashed out after looking her face in regretful eyes and he walks away.

27 Responses to “ORANGE”

  1. Tina Roussel says:

    Incredible fiction, glorious capturing! I enjoy watching black&white films and Hakan Unal did this as a professional. The actors who’ve played in the film were so succesfull and I want to congratulate them! I hope you all get what you deserve. Good luck!

  2. Nuray ozench says:

    Amazing,great film

  3. Anonymous says:

    Starting off elegantly singing a jazz at a Bohemian bar story takes us to go for a visit a home where stranger like couple share it with all grief. Masterpiece.

  4. Sonia says:

    A bit gentle a bit strong way to tell this story which took us a deep well with full of alienated characters. Fascinating and charming.

  5. Muharrem Ozdemir says:

    super fılm

  6. Dmsbjk says:

    Congratulations and very well thought out, I look forward to further success of the new movies!!!!

  7. Baris T. says:

    good one

  8. Mustafa Kazım Akgüneş says:

    Friendly work gaves it’s gifts 🙂 Thanks to all of crew for being like brothers and sisters.

  9. Maria says:

    Incredible!A real noir film!

  10. zehra says:

    süper bir film

  11. Zeliha Erkirklar says:

    Great storytelling and photography. Marvellous work

  12. Derya Yeniceri says:


  13. Derya Yeniceri says:

    Fascinating… Amazing… Feelings are just behind the walls…

  14. Mehmet Altin says:

    Life is not always easy.This film shows it.

  15. Nebi KARAAĞAÇ says:

    Great film perfect director

  16. Meryem says:

    Fascinating and charming. Good luck

  17. munti says:

    Orange mesmerising,..

  18. Axl says:

    Brilliant work

  19. Zekiye Ünal says:

    Congratulations very nice, fantastic film. Good luck. ..

  20. Onur OĞUZ says:

    Great experience for me to watch such brillant story with strong plays. All the best.

  21. David M. Greengrass says:

    A must see offbeat fiction drama short. Darkly painted story poured down to the lone streets with lost charachters who search for their existence and pains to be healed off. The actors , husband and wife done perfectly. Congrats Muammar and Gizaam. Stunning charachters and estonishing photography, light.

  22. Laura M.Siocoma says:

    A must see off beat fiction drama short. Amazing actings ang great cinematography.

  23. Barbara says:


  24. Arsen says:

    That story puts your soul into darkness where you could find noir pains.

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