Based on a true story about a single mother who is forced to hide her child’s existence, because of the social and cultural context in order not to become the subjects of judgment and condemnation

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Director: Rati Tsiteladze
Director Biography

Rati Tsiteladze was born in post-soviet Georgia. He studied filmmaking at the Hybrid Conservatory, Los Angeles. At age 21, he won the title of World Champion in martial arts, but in 2010, when filmmaking became the overpowering passion in his life, he left his fighting career and founded ArtWay Film production. Rati directed several short films that were awarded internationally. His award-winning work DEDA was selected at around 200 film festivals. His feature documentary project MAY 17 won the pitch award at DMZ docs and was part of IDFA 2016. His feature film project, The Empty House was shortlisted for Sundance Screenwriters Lab and selected at the 64th International Film festival Mannheim-Heidelberg and at 45th Kyiv International Film Festival. Currently Rati is developing the project at Cannes CinĂ©fondation’s the Residence 2017.

Director Statement

Georgia was always known as the traditional country but I didn’t expect that such a situation could happen in 2015. My intention with the MOTHER is to convey the fears that I feel are relevant to society today. There are over 40 000 child born from an unregistered relationship and women who give birth to the child out of wedlock, are rejected not only by their partners but also their families and society.

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  1. Jake says:

    The film is wonderful, I liked its plot.

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