Liza ruft!

“Liza ruft!” is a film about the Holocaust and commemoration politics in Lithuania, and the first ever portrait of a former Jewish woman partisan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Fania Brantsovskaya began to devote her life to the commemoration of the Holocaust. While this brought her recognition abroad, she became the target of anti-Semites at home. Ever since, Fania’s struggle has turned into a balancing act. While her work is threatened by depoliticization and alienation from her former fellow partisans, she is threatened by renewed anti-Semitic attacks and the resumption of a war crimes investigation.

Director: Christian Carlsen

Director Biography

Christian Carlsen holds an M.A. in Historical Sciences and German literature. He works as a freelancing scholar, writer and film maker. His main research project explores the reality and representation of the Jewish “Sonderkommando” of the Auschwitz death camp. “Liza ruft!” is his first film.

Director Statement

For some time, I have wanted to combine my skills as a historian and writer with my aesthetic interest for the film medium. As I am especially interested in the entanglement of politics and the individual, I love portraits. How do politcs determine an individual? How do individuals fight back? And how do these responses change both the structure and the individual?

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