Life Is A Movie

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. ‘Life Is A Movie’ is a retrospective documentary about a 92-year-old artist who covered to the Summer of Love for a magazine and never left the bay area, living on an anchor-out houseboat for the last half century. Larry Moyer took Timothy Leary’s tune in, turn on and drop out to heart, finding a life that many have searched for, and so few have ever found.

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Director: Michael Nash
Director Biography

Michael Nash is an American filmmaker coined by MovieMaker Magazine in 2010 as one of the “Top 10 MovieMakers Of The Planet.” Nash is an honored recipient of the Social Change Global Institute Filmmaker of the Year Award, Senator Boxer’s Conservation Champion Award and the Neiman Marcus Environmental Visions Filmmaker Award. Nash’s multi-award winning Climate Refugees was screened by the United Nations, The Pentagon, Davos, The Vatican and for world leaders, policymakers around the world. Nash is a keynote speaker and guest lecturer at Harvard University, Stanford University, USC, Princeton, United Nation, The Pentagon, The American Security Project (full list upon request). Nash’s focus covers over population, global health and water scarcity, human climate migration and the national security implication of climatic migration and depleting resources. Nash is the founder Beverly Hills Productions. Nash’s other films, the critically acclaimed Fuel and Nebraska won top feature film honors around the globe. His newest film, “Life Is A Movie” is set to be released in 2017.

Michael is currently traveling with WGA (Writers Guild of America) USC/Annenberg Communications Showrunner’s Program, illuminating health and environment issues to storytellers and filmmakers around the world. He is currently has partnered on a film with The Director of The Global Negotiation Program at the Harvard Law School investigating 2nd hand PTSD. The documentary will illuminate the effects war has on children and is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Currently, Nash also has two television shows in development/production, the first is a primetime reality show with Fremantle (American Idol and America’s Got Talent), and a docu-series partnership with the state of California and their prison system. He is a judge for two film festivals both domestic and abroad.

Director Statement

When I started this film in 2010 my goal wasn’t to create a feature documentary film, but rather capture an aging filmmaker’s voice, a narrative to his unseen film footage shot a half century ago. Soon we were digging into his endless boxes, filled with 16mm film reels of the past. Then a light bulb went off, the 50th Anniversary of the SUMMER OF LOVE was approaching, and this 92-year-old artist was there on assignment, having traveled to SF with Shel Silverstein to cover the Summer of Love for Playboy magazine. It became very clear that the real story was the journey of a beatnik filmmaker who turned on, tuned in and dropped into a world that so many have searched for and so few have embraced.

My other films have taken me to all corners of the planet illuminating global issues, this film could not have been farther from that. ‘Life Is A Movie’ was a fiercely intimate production, mostly shot on Shel’s Evil Eye boat and Larry’s weathered anchor-out houseboat. It was Larry and myself most of the time just talking, archiving the footage as we viewed the reels one by one on an old Moviscop which was a first for myself. Every trip I headed from LA to SF I found myself having a clearer understanding of my own future, which made no sense based on the fact that we were doing a film on Larry Moyer’s past. But that’s what Larry does. I have never met a human being that lives so much in the now. The present is everything to Larry, which made digging into the past challenging at times. He once told me “you have to be careful digging into the past, one can get mugged walking down memory lane” followed by his intoxicating laugh.
In 1939, on his first day of his first job, Larry realized he was unemployable. For a kid who thought he was unemployabl,e this artist has accomplished a lot. He pulled dead bodies out of sunken ships in Pearl Harbor, spoke poetry to Mao Tse-tung in 1957 while being one of the first, western journalist/photographer invited into China. He was a bohemian who lived in Greenwich Village and made films about the beatnik scene.

If LIFE IS A MOVIE were to accomplish anything, I would hope it would provide a human window into the power of living your life freely. We live in a world of bumper sticker philosophies. Our news is propaganda spun to pound our own chest endorsing our polarizing ideologies. If there was ever a time for the counter-culture to make a stance, today is it. There is a silent wisdom that flows from Larry within this film that I believe the millenniums will find value in. I am humbled and honored to have been allowed to capture this on film. Like Larry Moyer at the end of his long journey, we all got something that we had never expected. Michael Nash.

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