Green Light

With the ecosystem destroyed after a nuclear war, Mari, a survivor, does all she can to rebuild. When she stumbles upon a robot soldier in an abandoned city, everything changes.

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Director: Seongmin Kim

Director Biography

Seongmin Kim is an independent animation director and animator for Ajou university’s Digital Film Lab in South Korea. After majoring in digital media at Ajou university, he worked as an animator for a variety of VFX studios. He also teaches character animation part-time at Ajou and Konkuk university. “Green Light(2016)” is his first animated short.

Director Statement

I came up with the idea from the French Canadian animator, Frederic Back’s short animation film <The Man Who Planted Trees>, to make <Green Light>. When I first saw the animation, I got the image of a rusty robot planting a tree alone on a ruined land. I think I got the image of a rusty robot from the old Elz√©ard Bouffier, planting a tree on a waste land silently. I tried to make a SF story with two sources that were based on an ordinary person without any super-powers of a hero, or someone with persistent effort to make a big change to the world, and the image of a robot planting a tree. I finished the story answering to myself to the questions on why that place became a waste land without any grass and why did the robot plant a tree there alone for such a longtime.

<Green Light>is a story about a girl and a robot soldier thrown into the worst situation brought up by the misuse of highly-advanced science technology, trying to restore the land it used to be. The robot soldier symbolizes a developed science technology, and a value neutral being that can’t be classified into a dichotomy of good and evil. It can be a destroyer or a hero saving the world depending on the will of its user. I tried to show the fellowship of Mari, a girl trying to make a better future without giving up hope in the tragic situation where everything was destroyed and a robot which started a new life because of her, and how they make a new world.

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