FLIPPING is an automatic animation (action animating) created by applying ‘flipping’, a traditional hand-drawn animation technique. The spectrum of a soundless collision between cuts created by a collision of two different physical properties again collides with the sound made by playing two improvised scores folded after burnt. This work has a structure with the complex relationship that two planes are oppositely located in the light and dark space, two materials exist between the two planes, and two sounds permeate between the two materials. And it stays between the life (time) and sensibility of the artist himself.

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Director: JIN KYU AHN
Director Biography

Jin kyu Ahn is an award-winning filmmaker, animator and media artist (multidisciplinary artist) based in Los Angeles. He has been focusing on new and experimental work through the combination of various media and genres such as poetry, video, installation, and performance. He has received a Master of Fine Arts in 2011 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008 from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

His works and collaborations have exhibited and screened extensively in U.S, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America at prestigious festivals and venues including Cannes, Sundance, Annecy, REDCAT, Anthology Film Archives, Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), LA Music Center (Performing Arts Center of LA County) and Swiss Museum of Transport.

His films, “Flipping” (2014) and “Organ” (2011) have received multiple awards from Cannes, Annecy, Nevada International Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, International Independent Film Awards and more. He recently had a group exhibition, “Light Mapping” in NYC, U.S. (2016), a solo exhibition, “Contained” in Seoul, South Korea (2015) and NYC, U.S. (2014). His work, “Contained” was sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles.

Director Statement

The path to walk into the frame of art is still fearful and mysterious. The end is unknown, and there seems to be no outlet. It is like finding out what this or that is by groping around in a dark room. Just like touching and grouping around in the corners, it seems to be such a hard and difficult life having to meditate on the meaning of each moment everyday.
The work is associated with what the artist means to recall in the artistic life that he has walked through so far. In the beginning, in the process of encountering art and then understanding and learning it, he faced a turning point of art several times. The first starts from this very work.
It was such an interesting and wondrous thing to experience to go from the concept of “creating or making” into that of “discovering”. Not just remaining in making and completing a thing with hands, he discovers what no one has ever seen before accidently. It must have been the greatest fortune for him personally to have the eye of artistic beauty hidden inside it.
-Universe in Bubble-
The law of motion is applied to this work. The force of collision applied to the two faces makes liquid hold gas. And within the motions of water and oil drops resulted from reaction and the law of causality, we can call the universal image to mind for the features of water drops. Likewise, in life, a person gets to have various experiences and feelings within a certain system.
How meaningful emotional layers do we have in our lives living in the dimensions of time and space?
-Centrifugal Force-
‘Recalling’… It might be something that is beyond time and space.
Time flows, and space changes, and I also change. I feel that the direction of my thinking or criteria for values change their aspects at all times just like a chameleon within the social structure and the philosophical viewpoint I have.
The changes in the world leave us all different kinds of concepts and phenomena such as decline and loss, neglect and violence, reality and dream, and life and death. The concepts born from the reaction of those changes again influence one another and become projected into us living in the present moment. However, recalling the past days in the flow of that change is like the centrifugal force of image of the artist who intends to find his right place after wandering around the present and the future.
Life goes on.
For eight years from 2005 till 2013, musicians had to be changed three times to elevate the completeness of the work. And finally, I took out the old work again that had been left as the unfinished. The world has changed, and my thought about the work has changed, too. But with the desperate intention to revive this work that has been the come-by-chance, I want to see my present life newly.

Link to the movie: https://vimeo.com/90443919

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