After China’s father death, China gets involved in a trip which will help her to find the human being’s essence. A travel in which she will discover that running away is not the way

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Director Biography

In September 2011 the Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores (New Filmmakers Platform) dedicated a tribute and a book to her filmaking trajectory. She studied Geography and History, Audiovisual Communication with specialization in Image and Sound, Stage Management (RESAD), Filmmaking in the Instituto Oficial de Radio y Televisión, and Music Theory and Piano in the Real Conservatorio de Zaragoza. She has worked as director in Spanish TV (TVE), and invited lecturer in different Universities and Film and TV Institutes. She is producer, writer and director. She writes short stories, poetry, and theater, which she also directs, and has made video art and photography exhibitions in museums and art galleries. She was part of amateur theater groups, and her film career started making movies costumes, and then entering into production equipment and management.

Director Statement

The title not only responds to the physical character escapes, but also mental. It has to do with all those emotional blocks that she has to avoid pain, but just move it. China only matured to face his “escapes” and at the same time be your “flight” physical, that will determine the change in your life.
The histories have always the external vision, and he hospitalizes it, and also they can have a multiplicity of points of conference, of other prominent figures. One gives entry to the life in all the beings, animals, human beings, plants, objects, spirits, or beings of the universe. And sometimes, royal prominent figures can intervene in his own name, or we them can recreate. Here we have recreated Caddy Adzuba, the journalist who fights to improve the situación of the women in the Congo, submitted to the sexual violence. My idea, in a beginning, was to bring it in order that it was doing of yes same, but ultimately, I desisted for the shortage of money, and for the complication. The meeting arose when we are in the women’s meeting, the club of the 25, invited by Isabel Betina Caparrós, and with that I coincided with Ouka Lele. The two, we ask for permission him to count his history. Barbara Allende realized his video – art “Porquoi”, and a great installation, and I changed one of the histories of the movie and incorporated his testimony and his fictitious figure.
Flights it is a story, is a movie of road, and is of also of adventures, is a tragicomedy (nearby more to the world of the baroque theatre in romantic scenes: caves, abysses, desert). It is mixture says especially cinema, theatre, literature and art. And inside the cinema, adventures, comedy, fantastic, road-movie, drama. And the literature it enters inside a magic realism. His origin is a story, a statement of trip, in the style of the Odyssey, of the Amadís de Gaula, the Cuisse, or of ” The manuscript found in Saragossa “. In fact, each of the prominent figures who are appearing in the statement have a guide’s function, in this emotive labyrinth and of ripeness of the personage. In his writing I thought very much about the film of worship: “The night of the hunter”.
Art is present because China is a photographer, and hence the beginning of his speech, in which performance is mixed, and within it, the circus. The final idea is to make a video-art, streamlined and eventually returning to their photographs. In the film’s three trips, with its evolution: the outer with his adventures in the real world, the internal (maturation and resolution of the character) and his look as artistic author.
Sometimes, one has used theatrical resources, the actors are caught in immense spaces and at the same time limited. To I peeped of a throat, under a bridge, in a cave, in the desert, in the forest. The whole movie is at the same time a flight and a jail, and always a representation. The game of the representation is permanent. In the ravine, China finds a beggar who is looking at the bottom, since lost, sat like in a theatre, contemplating this space of the nature, since others they would see a movie. She accompanies him in this to see in the distance, and tries to begin a conversation, which turns into the impossible one for the difference of languages..
The dramatic moments are punctuated ticket absurd, surreal, or black, or elements of another genre comedy, is how if metiéramos a saw or an ax on the drama and lyrical moments.

Routed shooting has been slow because we ran out of money during filming and I had to put all my savings, borrow from banks and loans from friends to finish filming, editing and posproducir.
The film, initially also had parts of the documentary, but eventually that part has been taking shape.


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  1. Olga says:

    Very interesting story! Psychologically, the film is sometimes difficult … but still exciting!!

  2. Ирина says:

    How many survived the horror this woman. What is it strong, found the strength to go on living and even become happy, as far as I understood

  3. Luisa says:

    Very nice)

  4. Anthony says:

    A really lovely film. Struck me.

  5. Viktoria says:

    The story is not that good, the film is just amazingly immersive.

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