Cais Sodré Funk Connection – Offbeat

The Cais Sodré Funk Connection “Offbeat” Official Music Video shows us the band in a desolate and void industrial location, coexisting with various surreal Gaiman alike characters that personify theirs and ours features, fears, aspirations and more, in a fun and offbeat way.

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Director Biography

Richard F. Coelho has been in the communication industry since 2001.
Starting off in advertising, in one of Portugal’s major ad agencies. 6 years later he conveys his acquired knowledge into the launch of a innovative telecom brand and stays for 6 years in the brand’s marketing department, ending up as brand manager until the termination of the project. At this point he decides to take a sabbatical year off to enjoy the company of his newly born son, but wasn’t able to finish that same programmed year, receiving an irrecusable proposition to begin working in one of his long time passions: photography. He starts working as a professional advertising photographer with one of Portugal’s leading ad production company’s, where he finds his way into the audiovisual world.
Directing was always something that he aspired to and he’s been on his way to it

Director Statement

I just wanna make good films

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