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Director Biography

Khatchadourian is an award-winning recording
artist who was born in Beirut in 1978 to an
Armenian-Lebanese family. She grew up to the
sounds of a piano that both her grandmother and
aunt – pianists who studied at the conservatory of
Rome – played.
In December 2008, Khatchadourian launched her
debut album “Midan” – under her full name Eileen
Khatchadourian – which is an exquisite mixture
of traditional Armenian songs clashed to the
rhythms of alternative rock. The album won “Best
Rock Album” at the Armenian Music Awards in Los
Angeles in 2009. A few years down the road in
March 2013, Eileen performed at her first concert
in Los Angeles for the Mosaic Festival to a crowd of
4000 who welcomed her with unique enthusiasm.
Khatchadourian has performed in a number of
different cities and countries, but mainly Dubai,
Yerevan, Moscow, San Gabriel (California), Istanbul
and Beirut. She has also performed at the “In
Memoriam” concert in Istanbul ,on april 2015, For the 100th Anniversary of the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide among 15 International Armenian Artists; and she also performed in Palm Springs
in May 2015 for the World Armenian Entertainment
Awards where she won the award for Best Female
Performer of the Armenian diaspora in May 2015 .
Titernig, Khatchadourian’s latest album, was
launched on April 17, 2015 at Station Beirut.

Lately, in September she was invited to perform at the International Hrant Dink Award in Istanbul .
In 2016 , Khatchadourian will perform in Berlin at the Gorki Theater and later on in Istanbul .

Artist Statement

Everyone Can Sing in English, But not Everyone can sing in Armenian .

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    I admire with the Armenian culture, Eileen Khatchadourian and that, how many she has made for this purpose. Film looked on one breath.Thanks the author.

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