Unusual quotidian which is shared by 3 generations: grandmother, mother and granddaughter.
The film takes place in a nursing home where mother is working for years. Grandmother used to be a headmaster of the same nursing home and she devoted her life to it. Now she is just one of the inhabitants. She doesn’t want to accept weakness of the old age.
Granddaughter is trying to animate grandmother with her camera but their play is interrupted every time mother enters into the room and reality becomes the main character.
Memories are built to keep grandmother alive but her desire to leave is too strong.
That brings out the question: For whom is harder, for the ones who want to leave us or for the ones who stay?

Director: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukic

Director Biography

Anja Strelec was born in 1985 in Varaždin, Croatia.
From early age she was interested in visual arts. She had several group and individual photo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.
In 2008 she graduated on Faculty of Political science in Zagreb, department TV journalism and public relations. After graduating she was working in Argentina, Belgium and France as a lecturer and coordinator assistant on audiovisual European projects.
She has a master degree both in audiovisual and film production as well as in audiovisual and film directing from French universities Paul Valery III in Montpellier and ESAV (Ecole supérieure d’audiovisuel) in Toulouse. Last four years she is working as a freelance TV journalist, assistant of production, coordinator of film festivals and distribution as well as a lecturer on film workshops for children. She directed and co-directed several short creative documentaries and promotional films. Documentary film „Abidance“ is her most ambitious and intimate project which puts into focus interdependence of three generations of women of authors family, showing their own individual way of dealing with letting go of each other.
She is currently living and working in Belgium on different audiovisual projects.

Tomislava Jukić was born in 1985 in Požega. She graduated in 2010 at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. She is a co-author of a documentary film King vs Deamon (2012, Fade in), co-director and co-writer of a documentary film Home is where my age is (2013, Restart). For 3 years she has worked with Anja Strelec on their film Abidance (2016, Restart). She is working in an attorney-at-law office in Čakovec where, among others, she does family law, and mostly she is occupied by social themes and human relations, which is seen in her previous work.

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