A Bridge Between Two Worlds

A Bridge Between Two Worlds relates how Muslim and Catholic farmers, on the Island of Flores, Indonesia, overcome poverty and enhance their environment with the support of North American and European families. This astonishing chain of solidarity was initiated by Gilles Raymond, a Canadian volunteer from Québec who has forged deep bonds in Flores over the past 15 years. This is the beginning of a worldwide family, which distance cannot affect, a story that is punctuated by hard work, children’s smiles and ancestor worship. This engaging adventure builds a living bridge between our two hemispheres, at a time when foreign aid is too often being questioned.

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Director: Pascal Gélinas
Director Biography

Pascal was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1946. In 1973, he directed his first feature film, Montréal Blues. In 1983, he co-directed a feature-length documentary on the Great Depression called La Turlutte des Années Dures (The Ballad of Hard Times), which won the Critics’ Award in Quebec, as well as the Sesterce d’argent and the Prix Oecuménique at the International Film Festival of Nyon, Switzerland. Between 1984 and 2009, for Société Radio-Canada series, Pascal has directed more than 350 science reports for the layman. In 2006, Pascal has been shooting in Indonesia, editing and procucing a documentary called Le porteur d’eau (The Water Bearer). This film has been selected in some thirty festivals in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. It won 5 prices in Canada, France, Tunisia and Australia. The film was shown on canadian television, but also on ARTE, NHK, and TV5 Monde. In 2009, Pascal wrote and directed a documentary on his father, the famous playwriter and actor Gratien Gélinas. Titled Gratien Gélinas, un géant aux pieds d’argile (Gratien Gélinas, a giant with feet of clay), the film was shown on Canadian television and won the Gemini for the best documentary scenario. In 2013 he wrote and directed Huguette Oligny, le gout de vivre (Huguette Oligny, a taste for living). Along with the prize of the best biography at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) the film was shown on Canadian television and won the Gemini for the best biography. In 2016 Pascal shot and directed the documentary Un pont entre deux mondes (A bridge between two worlds). The film premiered in Montreal in february 2016 and won in may 2016 the People’s choice award at the international festival Caméras des Champs in France. In november 2016, it also won the Environment award at the 48th International maritime, exploration and environment film Festival in Toulon, France, and the Most popular film award at the iChill Manila International Film Fest, in Philipines, january 2017.

Director Statement

How can poor farmers eradicate poverty and reach sustainable development ? This is the key issue of my film. Ten years later, it is the second chapter of a film called The Water Bearer (Le Porteur d’Eau) that I produced in 2006, in wich Gilles Raymond brings Catholic and Muslim families to work side-by-side to bring drinking water to 36 villages. The french version of the film can be viewed freely at :

After winning the battle for water, these men and women are now fighting to defeat their poverty, thanks to the sodidarity and cooperation of Westeners. A simple way to reach sustainable development for a society so different from ours, where the real and the sacred go hand in hand.

In our media-charged environment, catastrophe is an everyday occurrence in the visuals we see of the world. Through this simple story, I wanted to show the other side of the world, where miracles become daily events.

Through TV and festivals, The Water Bearer (Le Porteur d’Eau) was shown around the world. Let’s hope that A Bridge Between Two Worlds, will experience the same success and reach the heart of people.

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