That’s Your Fault If You Die Poor

Akbar is a poor young man who lives in a garbage accumulation site and he collects the retrievable things from the rubbish and selling them like plastic, glassy, papery things and so on. One day he finds three white handkerchiefs from the rubbish which there are one notebook and knife in each of the handkerchief.

There are some sentences and phrase in each notebook like a scripture. Which is spoken from poverty. When Akbar reads them he thinks that these notes are like an afflatus and becomes a prophet.

He has to take his right with a knife from society. At mean time he seizes a car from driver but sooner because of the car he meets someone who is an embezzler and that man wants to leave country and escape. Akbar takes that man to an airport as the driver but in the way Akbar understands the view of the man and realizes he is one of the man who the note book is talked about them. Who humiliates the poor people when they have logomachy, Akbar kills the man with the knife and then realizes who was he and becomes satisfied. Also whenever he seizes somebody he gives them a white handkerchief which there are a knife and notebook in it. So he encourages them continue his way like prophets.

Director: Ghasem Badirkhani

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