How to Become a Filmmaker with 10 Dollars

Two friends, with just 10 Dollars in their hand, set to interview famous local filmmakers in a bid to find a way to realize their filmmaking dream. With a Handy-cam borrowed from a colleague and a Guerilla-style shooting setup, they try to talk with as much as filmmakers possible, in hope of cracking the ‘secret’ of becoming a filmmaker. Featuring award-winning filmmakers like Vimukthi Jayasundara, Sanjeewa Pushpakumara, Prasanna Vithanage, this documentary follows their unconventional and heady journey, which reveals interesting aspects of Sri Lanka’s dying film industry and the story of few people who are still not ready to leave the sinking ship.

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Director: Dennis Perera , Chandana Prasanna
Director Biography

Dennis Perera
Dennis started his career as a playwright and actor. Tathagatha, the stage play me co-directed with few of his colleagues caused a huge controversy, and was hugely acclaimed by critic of its fresh and dare approach. A writer and a critic, Dennis is currently finishing post-production of his debut fictional feature, Three Wheel Diaries.

Chandana Prasanna
Started his film career as an editor, Chandana currently working as a writer and a director as well. His first short film, Ape Kale Weerayek (2005) was selected best film in short film competition held by Sri Lanka National Film Corporation. He has worked in several TV and film projects. Being a multi-potentiate, he has also worked as a journalist, designer and an advertising copywriter and political activist. He is also a foodie and love to cook whenever he is free.

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    Wonderful movie!

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